Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tri That!

It's been a couple months since my last triathlon and I can't wait for February/March to roll around so the racing can start all over again. I've been kept quite busy with Flag football, Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Soccer and not to mention OSCE, practical, and written exams for school. Both football and outdoor soccer came to a close this weekend with great results. 2 championships and great teamwork all around. I do really enjoy team sports, how could I not, I put my heart and soul into teamwork and soccer for 18 years. While training this weekend it really hit me why I enjoy triathlon and the individual aspect of the sport. I don't have to compete with anybody. When I go out and train I don't have to compete with the person next to me for playing time or worry that a mistake means I won't start the next game. I have to opportunity to compete with others when it's time to race, which is great and one of the reasons I absolutely love the racing aspect of it, but I also have the opportunity to compete with myself and prove to myself the efforts I have put forth leading up to the race were worth while. One thing that can easily discourage me is seeing people finish before or close to my time who have not trained nearly as much as I have. It does work out that these people are young men, so I guess naturally they will have a little bit faster times than me. But I do enjoy reveling in the fruits of my labor post-race. Not to be too discouraged though because most importantly is that the training has provided me with greater strength, endurance, mental toughness, and perseverance to perform better and build on the foundation I have laid.

Since completing the Nation's Triathlon in September I have set my sights toward a Half-Ironman for next year. I can't wait! I have continued to train through the wind, rain, and pretty awesome weather we've had so far in DC. I do foresee an Ironman in the relative near future, most likely post-graduation. It is a bit more difficult to train the way I prefer as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. I keep reminding myself that it's ok to cross train, actually good to cross train, and this is a good time to focus on nutrition. For me this time of year is very important to focus on nutrition, without the burning fire of having a race the next weekend or a Brick that starts at 7am on Saturday it's easier to allow myself to have that piece of pie or cake and ice cream. All things in moderation and allowing the body to rest is just as important as the 7am bricks and pushing your body past a point you never imagined.

This fall has given me some great opportunities to rest and cross-train! I had the opportunity to go to the APTA's National Student Conclave the last weekend in October. I was able to listen to lectures by top clinicians in their specialty areas and find out great information about post-graduate opportunities such as certifications, mentorships, fellowships, and resume writing/successful interviewing skills! The weekend was spent with 3 fellow DPT students from GWU and we had a great relaxing, no
n-strenuous weekend. A was a good recovery for my legs, my heart, and my mind. The first weekend in November sent me hiking Old Rag in VA with some awesome friends. An 8.8 mile hike with rock scrambles, steep uphills, and mountain dog was more taxing on the legs than I could have imagined. I resumed my Saturday Bricks yesterday and the weather was just wonderful for it. I enjoyed every second on the bike and breezed through the run faster than I ever have (24 mile ride, 6 mile run).

As the year comes to a close and triathlon season is over I am looking forward to running in a few 10k's. The first is coming up in just over about 1o days, the Detroit Turkey Trot! I am very proud to say the Finneren 4 will all be participating this year! On
e of the reason's I went into PT school was to promote health and wellness. I love it so much, it means so much to me, and it has helped shape my life in so many ways that I want to sha
re with others. I want them to enjoy just as much as I do. I know this isn't going to be true for everyone but it is great to share in people success's and watch them surpass their
own expectations. Shortly after is the Jingle All the Way 10k in DC. What an awesome opportunity to relieve stress before finals with some classmates all in holiday spirit! My focus for these races will be improving my own 10k time provided the crowds are under contro

Soon to come will be a final wrap-up of the 3 Triathlons I competed in this year along wi
th an outlook for next year's racing calendar! I am so eager to set it that Set-up Events and 3d have not even released their schedules yet I keep looking. Swim, Bike, Run...Tri That!

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