Saturday, January 1, 2011

rUnCommitted. rUnFocused. rUnHappy.

I've been saying I would post a tentative 2011 Race schedule, so it can be found at the bottom of this post. The first race listed, the New Year's Resolution Run was run this morning in great and unseasonably warm weather for MI on January 1st! It was great to see some usual Lake Orion faces and old teachers out for a good run! I finished a little slower then I would have liked, but did place 2nd for my age group! Nice way to start out the new year!

One thing I have noticed is that I run faster and it seems much easier to run after biking such as during triathlons or during my brick workouts. I am hoping as I set a training schedule and use my great Christmas present, The Triathletes Training Bible I can continue to improve my run times. I am looking forward to really planning out my training and rest periods to help achieve peak performance for the half-ironman as well as some of the other races on my schedule. I am debating about joining the DC Triathlon Club - as it seems they have some good group workouts but fitting them into my busy school schedule may prove to be difficult.

I have got some work to do on my bike as Christmas was great and I've now got some new tires and lights, as well as my first pair of riding gloves. Hopefully they'll make the rides a little more comfortable. I've got some new running gear as well so I should be good to go full throttle with training starting on Monday. I am also in the process of selecting a one word motto for this year/training and racing season that really sums up what I am all about this year. I got this idea from an FCA Newsletter you can check out team FCA-Endurance at I am really looking forward to pushing myself in training and racing and improving in all 3 disciplines. This year will bring some big changes come June as I transition from student life to somewhat career life as the internship phase of school starts and classroom phase comes to an end. I may have to adjust my training at that time but hopefully not too drastically. What are some of the struggles or barriers you face with training? Is there anything you do to get through tough days or workouts?

I have also applied to 3 Disciplines, an event company that runs triathlons in MI and surrounding areas, to be a sponsored athlete for the 2011 season. I should find out around January 12th, fingers crossed that I am one of ten selected! It would be such a great opportunity and allow me to race in more races and such without such a hefty price attached. For anyone in the MI area you should check them out at! What are you looking forward to in 2011, any big races, life changes, trying something new?

New Year's Resolution Run, Lake Orion MI (1/1/11): 2nd place F 20-29, 24:52

National Half Marathon, Washington DC or ATL Half-marathon (3/26/11): Tentative

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-miler, Washington DC (4/3/11): Confirmed

Tri the Parks, John Tanner SP, GA (4/30/11): Tentative

Gateway Triathlon or other 3D Event in May: Tentative

Tri Latta Sprint Triathlon, Huntersville NC (6/11/11): Tentative

DC Triathlon - International Distance (6/19/11): Tentative

Stumpy Creek International Triathlon (7/16/11): Tentative

International Sprint Distance Tri in August

The Nation's Triathlon, Washington DC (9/11/11): Confirmed

Providence or Augusta 70.3: Tentative

America's Thanksgiving Day Parade 10k, Detroit MI

Jingle All the Way 10k, Washington DC

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  1. Hi Holli,

    Doug Fowler here, Huddle leader for Team FCA-Endurance Motor City Huddle. Wishing you the best for your upcoming season and if you come back for break or during your vacation, look us up in MI. We have organized runs, rides and training sessions during the spring/summer. Blessings in the new year and congrats on your finish in Lake Orion!