Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tomorrow is Today

How often do you find yourself saying I'll do that tomorrow?  I'll clean up my diet tomorrow, I'll eat better tomorrow, I'll run more tomorrow, I'll stretch more tomorrow, I'll do my core work tomorrow, I'll have my quiet time tomorrow, etc. etc. you get the point.  The majority of our culture is excellent at procrastination, but what better time than now, today, to get something done!  Start living your life in the now and accomplishing your goals today!

This philosophy really fits well into diet and exercise.  All to often you hear people say they'll start their exercise routine tomorrow or they'll eat better tomorrow.  Well when tomorrow becomes 5 years and 50-100lbs. later tomorrow has to become today!  Start your walking/jogging/running program today, start stretching today, before it all catches up with you and you are out of the game.

I struggle with this concept in the realm of stretching.  I'll stretch after the run - then I get in the shower, I'll stretch before bed - then I am too tired, so I'll stretch tomorrow.  Stretching may not be the end all be all of training but it keeps the muscles feeling good and helps maintain proper muscle length for optimal joint health! I should stretch today!

What do you tend to put off until tomorrow?

All too often people start the year off with resolutions to lose weight, eat right, and exercise more.  They splurge on their eating habits for one day and feel all is lost.  It's one day, you fell off the horse, stand up and get back on it.   We all have those days where we need the ice cream and the cookie and the who knows what else, but remember that 1 day won't ruin all the work you've put in.  Learn from your cravings and emotions and get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon the next morning - start the day off with a 30 min. of cardio and a hot shower and see what the day brings you!

What is your favorite way to start your day?

I embraced today as my tomorrow and up'd my mileage on my speed workout by 1 mile and even did some stretching after the run when I stopped in at the gym.  It wasn't easy, it took more time, but it felt great!  It helped me see that my training is going somewhere, I am improving, adapting and becoming more efficient.

I am currently reading over the Huddle Guide for FCA-E and realizing what a task it would be.  I would not tackle such a task on my own, but with the small # of DCer's interested it seems it would be a large task to unite and grow as a huddle.  I have faith at the right time a leader will come forward and a huddle will develop.  For now I'll do what I can with the people I am in contact with.  Remember He didn't promise life would be easy, but LIFE to the full.

Did you get anything done today that you've been putting off until tomorrow?


  1. Yes I did. I woke up and worked out immediately! I feel great! And now I'm off to have a productive day : )

  2. Ugh that's my life story I feel like everyday! I love to try and have a productive day weather it's READING the 239 books for class, or cleaning ha. Hope you're able to be productive!