Sunday, March 20, 2011

13.1 and Done

Spring break was a huge success.  That is a successful taper with a successful race!  I was able to hold myself at bay from going completely crazy by really only taking two days completely "off" during the taper.  The cold weather of pureMichigan made it easy to keep my runs shorter or go to the pool for a swim workout.  The weather in Atlanta was much more inviting for running but I was kept entertained with more appropriate tapering activities.  Throughout preparing for the racing and running it today the hardest part for me was the taper.  I looked back and knew I had put in sufficient work and knew my body needed to rest prior to race day for decreased fatigue levels and optimal form.

The Publix Georgia Marathon and Half-Marathon was the March race of choice.  It was an awesome event in all aspects and I recommend it to anyone looking for a marathon/half next March!  The expo was organized with a good mix of vendors, clubs, and information.  They also had a mini Publix set up in the middle of it with free samples of products from their new organic food line.  I couldn't resist buying some bright pink CEP Recovery Socks at the expo, I'll let you know how they contribute to the recovery process!

Do you have any Recovery Secrets?

The race very well organized - pre paid parking, tons of volunteers with bright orange flags, sufficient amounts of port-o-potties a nice gear check, and great course.  We made it hassle free to our parking spot at the GA Dome about an hour before that starting gun.  Plenty of time to walk over to Centennial Olympic Park, do our business, check our gear and take a moment to mellow out.  Ryan (read:boyfriend) was my gracious Altanta host and racing buddy so I wasn't out to navigate ATL on my own.  We weren't surprised to be starting in different race corrals and had previously each decided to run our own race with different goals.  At the expo I chose to join a pace group - which I thought would really help me out.  I signed up for the 1:50 pace group for the 1/2 Marathon - a good realistic goal for me.

My experience with the pace group wasn't superb.  The pace group should have been running about 8:23 splits but little did I know we had hit about 7:45 on the first few miles.  I dropped off the pace group about 3 miles in.  The group had been dwindling in size since the first mile.  Once on my own I found my "happy pace" thanks to a sign I saw right as I was dropping off the pace group.  I found some fellow 1:50ers and even a few 1:45ers that had dropped off the pace groups and ran near them the rest of the race - thanks Southern Hospitality!

Have you ever run with a pace group?  Did it work out well?

If you have never been to Atlanta and especially never run around it - it is hilly.  DC is not so hilly.  My quads took a beating over the awesome 13.1.  During the last mile and the last few hills I had to remind myself that nobody ever promised this would be easy and that achieving my goal would probably hurt.  Hurt it did and I just kept pushing right back to Centennial Olympic Park.  Food was easily accessed and we were provided with a grocery bag to make it easier.  I got my chocolate milk, medal, spacesheet for warmth and chilled out in the grass for a bit until it was time to greet Ryan at the Finish Line.
What are you favorites aspects of races?

I also was able to see the marathon winner cross the finish line!  He looked pretty awesome! Ryan did great and dealt with his Runner's Knee issues and got through all 13.1.  I also convinced him to take advantage of his fist Physical Therapy opportunity during the expo.  Yay! Now he might actually go to PT to take care of his knee and make sure he is in tip top form for Tri season!

Final Results: Chip Time: 1:56:57

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  1. Sounds like it was quite an exciting experience!