Friday, June 3, 2011


I have been humbled by the ol' bike tire 3x, my body is sore, and I can't wait until Race Day next Saturday!  Race day means taper week coming up!  Sometimes it is hard for me to taper properly because I want to keep pushing myself farther than I went the week before, but I know the benefits of the taper far outweigh the benefits of training hard up to race day.

Ryan and I are headed down to Huntersville, NC for the Tri Latta Triathlon.  Last year this was both of our first open water triathlon.  We competed as Novice's last year, had a great time, and pretty much got hooked on the sport.  As age groupers this year the race is on Saturday which will be new for us but we are looking forward to being able to relax and hang out the rest of the weekend.

My body is ready for a week of taper and my mind is ready for a race!  This past week was filled with training and other recreational activities.  Ryan was in town for the long weekend so we played all day, every day!  Bike rides, bike share, pony competition, peddle boating, rolling thunder, ball games, walks along the waterfront, river river cruises, etc.  Plus training - a brick, running, and swimming = one exhausting long weekend.  The weather has graced us with southern style heat and humidity, and while I do love this it makes training a tad more difficult.  I've yet to ever run with water but I may have to teach myself the tricks of the trade sooner rather than later.

As Ryan and I prepared for our Sunday AM bike ride up Beach Drive I wanted to put air in my tires so naturally I got out my bike pump and "pumped" my tires.  Effortlessly and smoothly up to 120psi and just a couple pumps.  Ryan was soon to ask me what I just did and if I unscrewed the little part on the valve.  No way, why would I do that, you don't need to do that!  He then showed me the little screw on the valve and proceeded to actually pump up my tires.  Mystery solved of why after a few months my tires just don't seem to hold any air.  Whoops.  Lesson learned and humbled :)  Thanks Ryan!

Wednesday was my long bike ride day - 40 miles.  They were some of the most interesting miles I have ever ridden.  Mammoth rain drops on only one side of Hains Point, constantly changing wind directions, huge thunder and a lightning strike.  Luckily I was on my last lap when the lightning started so I was head home anyways.  As I rode up through Foggy Bottom towards up I got caught in a Hail storm!  Not fun on a bike, in a tank top and shorts.  I made it home and put my bike up - just to hear the sound I love so dear "sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss".  It didn't take me long to figure out it was the front tire, I took one look at it and could feel the air coming out and see the piece of glass sticking right into the tire.  At least the ride was over, I was inside, and could fix the tire on my own time.

Thursday afternoon I set out to fix the tire.  I removed the piece of glass and took the front tire off the bike.  With the help of my bike levers I was able to remove the tire and the tube.  I got my new tube out, put a little air in it and started seating it into the rim.  My hands were dirty, I was sweaty, but all in all it was going pretty well.  I got the tube in and tucked the tire beads back into the rim - time to inflate!  I inflated and the tire was not staying in the rim near the valve.  I deflated, made some adjustments, and tried again.  Same problem.  I took a picture and was asking my brother about it when it sounded like a gun went off!  "POP" the tire blew.  Great.  I repeated the entire process with a new tube.  Dirty, sweaty, a tad more frustrated.  The good news is I think I was successful!  I haven't ridden on it yet but it looks way better and it's held the air!

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