Sunday, July 10, 2011

Training to Tri or Trying to Train?

Is the race you're hoping for the race you've been training for?

After the DC Tri Club Training Tri this morning I know I am on track for my upcoming races.  I can confidently say that with the addition of the my new swim workouts from the DC Tri Club I am specifically training to tri and not just trying to train.  I had realized after my first couple races that my swimming just wasn't coming along as I had planned.  After taking a day to blame everything and everyone else I took a look at what I was doing.  I realized that I wasn't challenging my body to meet new challenges and get faster.  I was comfortable getting in the pool every morning and doing the same workout I had done the previous week.  All too often we become comfortable in situations and stop pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones.

The training tri was a great opportunity to push myself outside my comfort zone.  A pool swim with time trial start allowed me to focus on my stroke, my breathing, and pushing myself throughout the entire swim.  The thrill of catching the person that started 15s ahead of me was motivation too.  With no pressure I had the opportunity to push myself in each discipline harder than I've really pushed myself before.  I wanted to see what I could do on the bike and see how my legs handled the run after a hard bike.  The training tri was sprint distance so I knew the pain wouldn't last too long and that my body should be able to go hard throughout the entire race.

I surprised myself and pushed myself beyond limits I wasn't expecting I could.  The motivation of having a group of 100 people training together for the same purpose and cheering and pushing you (whether they know it or not) is a great atmosphere.  At official races their is a similar atmosphere of camaraderie among triathletes but within it exists even more so.  Having the opportunity to meet so many  other triathletes in the area and exchange info so we can start training together was great.  After the race we had a barbecue, yes at 10am, but the conversation, food and friendships was great.  Hearing stories of how others began their multisport lifestyle and why they enjoy it, also hearing that other people are called "crazy" by friends and family is something everyone needs once in awhile.

If you have never trained with a group, even just every so often it can help take you from trying to train to training to tri.  Official word has come through that I got my final internship placement at PT Solutions in Acworth, GA at the Acworth East location.  I am most excited for this placement because they have a Multisport team, host clinics, and co-host a race series in Georgia.  The weather will be great for outdoor training in the "winter".  It will be hard to leave DC and the DC Tri Club and my "usual" routes but alas change is necessary to make us grow and push us out of our comfort zone.


  1. Congrats on Acworth and PT Solutions! Sounds like an awesome experience you had today! Flexiblility and patience help with change that is necessary to make us grow and push us out of our comfort zone! Love ya girl! Mama

  2. This was the second time I have read about this in the month Bree Wee posted not long ago about having the race you hope for and the race you trained for. These can be two very different things.

  3. BDD - I need to check her blog out. I've only ever skimmed it! The race you hope for and the race you train for can be drastically different, but with the will to prepare and a little luck the goal is to get them as similar as possible.