Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Journey Just Begun

Less than 11 months away.
A couple of weeks ago - on August 28, 2011 to be exact, I bit the bullet and registered for the big one.  That's right I have officially registered for Ironman Louisville on August 26, 2012.  I was pumped up feeling good from my training for my 70.3 and for Nation's Tri and realized that next year may be my ideal year since I am forced to take a little time off between graduation and licensure - perfect time for peak training.

Have a minute? Read it.
I've now been registered for about a month.  I've gone through an array of feelings of excitement to Holy $#!* what did I just commit to, to I want to win and qualify for Kona and also I just want to survive.  I've since become more content with the idea and have read You Are an Ironman by Jacques Steinberg.  It's very good book about 6 people's journey's to IMAZ 2009.  It helped put into perspective what I will be doing, made me think about WHY I want to do this, and helped me realize what I need to plan for - including long training days.

I am beyond glad I completed 70.3 this year and realized how important it will be to get my legs comfortable riding 112 miles and holding a pace I've trained at so that I can be successful during the run.  I will be completing a marathon on October 31, and yes this will give me confidence, but running after swimming and cycling at times feels like a different sport than running alone.

Can I make it here under 12:00:00?
So here starts my journey to 140.6.  I have began looking at different training plans and asking fellow DC Tri club members what they have used.  To this point I have self-coached and been successful.  I need to improve my swim and I know I can do this by getting help with technique.  I also need to build up to long rides at race pace - doing this with a training partner or group will push me harder and make me better.  As I age up as of January 1, 2012 I am in a much more competitive AG.  The athletes in the upper end of the 25-29 AG could have 5+ years of experience/training on me.  Along with 140.6 the journey will involve other important races including Age Group National Championships and potentially another 70.3.  Unfortunately the schedule probably won't be as packed and exciting as this year to allow proper time to build for the IM and keeping my bank account in mind ;)

Have you done an Ironman?  Did you use a training plan?

Any advice or suggestions?

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  1. I suggest reading two books, Going Long by Gordo Byrn and Your Best Triathlon by Joel Friel