Friday, January 13, 2012


"There is a difference between interest and commitment.  When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."  Dr. Kenneth Blanchard

I survived my first week of my 3rd full time clinical and Ironman training.  I have to admit I'm glad I have 0 commitments outside of the internship and training, because I would have missed all of them.  I'm not complaining, I know that what I am working towards is not for everyone and you have to be a little crazy just to sign up for an Ironman.

J.B's Wedding with the best friends ever.
When I registered for the Ironman I knew I would be sacrificing a lot throughout the training cycle leading up to Louisville.  I will miss out on happy hours, great times with friends, birthday celebrations with friends and family, trips, vacations, graduation parties, and other events I've yet to think of.  I will be at everything I can make it to and I apologize in advance for the special events I miss, but understand that I've made the decision to train for this properly, achieve the goals I have set for myself, and commit my lifestyle to achieve me triathlon goals in 2012.

I participated in a Mental Training for Triathletes webinar on Wednesday night.  During the course the following quote was shared with us, "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."  -Friedrich Nietzsche.  This quote has prompted me to really consider why I have committed myself to Ironman and why others are committing themselves to Ironman in 2012.  The importance of having a 'WHY" was stressed in terms of triathlon/Ironman throughout the webinar.

Mom, Brother, Me at YHH in Sedona, AZ.
I've reflected on 2011 - the ups and downs of the year, and I've envisioned 2012 and the opportunities for success that are on the horizon.  2011 in race numbers for me included 18 races in 6 different states, 9 triathlons, and 7 podium finishes.  2011 outside of racing included the start of full time clinical internships, meeting great people in the DC Tri Club, hosting a professional athlete, the biggest loss in my life/the hardest day of my life, and a family trip to Your Heart's Home in Sedona Arizona.  2012 presents opportunities in all facets of life - a new age group to conquer in triathlon (and possibly set my sights on a pro card), my 2nd and possibly 3rd 70.3, my first 140.6 (IMKY), graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, finding a job in an area I want to call home (DC, Georgia, west of the Mississippi?), at least 2 awesome weddings for friends, a tattoo or two, and many more memories that are yet to be made or conceived.

 The question remains Why Ironman in 2012 and why Louisville? Louisville simply because I see myself in the Eastern Time zone in a drivable distance, it's at the right time of year I wanted for an IM and it's the most realistic race to get family and friends to. If you haven't realized yet I love to push my body to limits I never thought possible.  A year ago I remember having a conversation with my dad and saying "I don't think I'll ever do an Ironman but I'll run a marathon eventually. Running 26.2 miles after a 112 mile bike ride is just crazy."  Now I sit here with 1 marathon under my belt and my first Ironman 225 days away.  Over the summer I began to consider racing an Ironman in 2012 or even possibly late 2011.  IM Cozumel 2011 was still open and I had mentioned going to Cozumel for 
Thanksgiving to my dad and his response was "Why not, you could do that if you add in some more training".  I was adding miles to my long bike rides and runs and realizing Ironman was completely possible and I might actually be kind of good at it if I train properly.  I continued to focus on Augusta 70.3 at the end of September as well as Rockett's Landing and Nation's Triathlon (3 races I wanted to do well at in late 2011 racing season).  After finishing Rockett's Landing with a new PR and 3rd place finish my dad responded to my race report, closing his email with "The Future is Bright".  About 12 hours after reading that email from him I got news of his accident and began the longest journey from DC to MI and the worst days of my life (July 27, 2011).  Two and a half weeks later my brother and I went to race in the Luray Triathlons - triathlon for me became a coping mechanism.  Hours on the bike or run are meditative and time in the water is relaxing.  After two of my best performances in Luray I began to focus more time and energy into triathlon.  Shortly before IMKY 2011 I decided that 2012 would be my year - I was ready to commit my lifestyle to Ironman training.  On August 26, 2012 I will don my black armband, walk down to the river, with a smile because I'm there and with the confidence knowing that my body and mind are ready.  No day will be harder than July 27th 2011, and I know my dad will be with me every stroke, mile, and step of my 140.6 journey through Louisville, Kentucky.

Why did you race 140.6 or why will you race 140.6?



  1. Oh, how I love you, and oh how he loves you so very much, and yes he is always with you! Love you girl, what a gift you are to the universe!

  2. I'm still working on sacrificing going out to eat. It's really put me behind in my other goal of losing weight. I need to figure out a way to maintain what little social life I have now with going out to eat. I might just have to get rid of more of my social life. I am not looking forward to my training schedule when I train for a IM next year - but it's great to read your journey, as it's will get me ready for mine.

    And I am sorry to hear about you dad. I can't imagine he would be anything less insanely proud of you.

    Okay - less procrastinating and more running in the cold DC morning.

  3. you have really pretty friends... :) miss you.

  4. Beautifully said and written, Holli! Completion of your Doctorate in Physical Therapy is another awesome, enviable accomplishment. You are "training" equally hard for that. We are so proud of you. We are cheering for you every day as you take on each day's challenge. Love Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bill