Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tri Geek Paradise

Saturday, February 25 was the Southeastern Endurance and Multisport Expo in Atlanta, GA.  This expo is actually a fundraiser for the Getting2Tri Foundation.  I've been following and eager to get involved with the Getting2Tri foundation for the past couple years.  Now that I am in Atlanta I will actually have some opportunities to interact, volunteer, and actually be involved with Getting2Tri.  After attending Multisport World last March in Bethesda I had high expectations of SEE-ME 2012.

After a great group ride with PTS Sports I got cleaned up and ventured down into Atlanta for the expo. The expo was at the Concourse Athletic Club in Atlanta.  I pulled up to the "King and Queen" Towers, oblivious to the fact that this was actually exactly where the Concourse Athletic Club is located.  I've driven past the towers many a time before and didn't think a sweet athletic club would be located there.

As I walked in I was shocked to see a heated outdoor lap pool...nice!  The club was very nice and full of gym goers and triathletes making there way to the expo.  The expo was downstairs in between some workout equipment, which was weird, but it worked.  Compared to some other expo's, Multispot World, Nation's Triathlon, MCM, Ironman events, this was small.  Quality over quantity though right?  The Getting2Tri athletes were all around, local cycling and triathlon shops had booths as did race companies, training groups, and rehab specialists.  I mingled around, talked to the PT Solutions guys for awhile, and even found myself in a Women's Triathlon 101 seminar, whoops.

I was able to pick up some bright pink Yankz for my Kinvaras in preperation for race season start up in April, score a free water bottle, koozie, and a couple bags.  The best part of the experience was meeting local Atlanta triathletes and feeling a little more plugged into the tri scene down here.  I got some good tips on rides (other than Silver Comet), master's swim groups, races, and more.  It feels good to be a little bit more plugged in and to spend a few hours surrounded by people as passionate about triathlon as I am.  I still miss DC - I miss Saturday rides, M/W/F master's swim, and long Thursday evening runs all through the district.

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