Friday, June 1, 2012

Every Damn Weekend...

The Iron summer has officially begun.  My days consist of workouts, naps, food, a little studying, and a little working.  This past week I've added volume to all 3 disciplines and my body knows it.  I've enjoyed every second of the training - pushing, persevering, training partners, post workout chocolate milk, etc.  My body isn't letting me get away with the increased volume easily - I'm tired and sore and the week is far from over (Saturday is the long day).  

"You've been following your schedule to the letter. You've been piling on the mileage, piling up the laundry, and getting a set of tan lines that will take until next year to erase. Long rides were followed by long runs, which both were preceded by long swims, all of which were followed by recovery naps that were longer than you slept for any given night during college."

I'm self-coaching through this Ironman with advice and direction from a few coaches I was lucky enough to meet during my Georgia adventures.  Every once in awhile doubt creeps into the mind, will I be ready, am I doing enough, am I doing too much, will my mind be ready to take my body through 140.6?  I meticulously log each workout I do along with the hours I've accumulated in each discipline for each day.  This log has proven to be a great source of confidence and something to look back and see what I've accomplished and how far I have come since I set out on my first 80 mile ride in January.

"Finishing an Ironman is never an accident. It's the result of dedication, focus, hard work, and belief that all the long runs in January, long rides in April, and long swims every damn weekend will be worth it. It comes from getting on the bike, day in, day out. It comes from long, solo runs. From that first long run where you wondered, "How will I ever be ready?" to the last long run where you smiled to yourself with one mile to go...knowing that you'd found the answer."

I am doing this to enjoy it, and I do enjoy it, but that doesn't mean it's been an easily traveled journey thus far.  I've struggled to get my form and pace in the water, I've watched my Olympic Distance speed not improve for the first time in 2 years, I've sacrificed time with friends and family, including birthday celebrations and my own graduation festivities.  It has also opened tons of new doors - new training partners, new training routes, group workouts, etc.  Training for Olympic Distance events on my own the past couple years was what I preferred - but with the increase in riding time and mileage for Ironman I've discovered the motivation, inspiration, and camaraderie a couple great training partners can make all the difference when your weekend schedule involves 6 hours in aero ;)  

"I am made of all the days you don't see, not just the one you do."

Sure, I'll write about specific training sessions from time to time or comment on a new milestone reached during my training, but there are only a few truly special people who know what it looks like and feels like day in and day out.  I've lost some friendships due to the training, but I've also gained genuine and supportive relationships throughout the journey.  It's an odd bond of great people who enjoy exploring the outer limits of human endurance and tolerance for pain.  This past week has been a big week of training - my body hurts - but I've learned a lot about myself including strengths, weaknesses, nutrition, and recovery.  Some of this I learned through success while I also learned a goo bit through failure (nutrition/recovery after a long run).  I've got a solid 12 weeks to build, polish, and refine while staying physically healthy and mentally sharp. 

Kinetic Half 2012

"Success in this sports, is above all else, about enduring suffering."



  1. You got it girl! I so enjoy reading your blogs!
    Thank You!

  2. Amen to the above !