Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

2 years ago today, I started my blog, on my dad's birthday, for no particular reason.  Here's a look back through the blog, in pictures :) Enjoy.  Life is short, but sweet for certain. -DMB

East Tawas 2010 with CharlieJo
Old Rag with PT friends
1st Oly Tri 2010

Michigan Winter
Bringing home hardware at Tri Latta '11
Hardware at USAT Regional Club Champs. '11
Remember and missing a great man.
His last race, 4th in AG :)
Test riding my soon to be New Bike.
Hardware at Nation's Tri 2011

1st Half-Ironman 2011
1st Marathon 2011
Me best friends wedding :)

Your Heart's Home - Sedona, A

New Wheels!
1st Hardware of 2012

Collegiate National Championships 2012

Kinetic 70.3 2012
1st Hardware in a 70.3 :)

Long IM training ride with a great crew 
IM training - Day by day

Lookout Mountain, Colorado - July 2012

Happy birthday to the man who put me on 2 wheels. My first love. My biggest fan. 


  1. OH, How he loves you and is watching over you!

  2. There's no question - he's proud of you Hols. Best of luck with your race Dr. Ironman! It has always been in you.


    1. Thanks, Ryan! You can track my progress at