Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Recovering like a PRO

Just one week after Syracuse 70.3 I had my first Olympic distance race of the year.  I knew going in to Syracuse that recovery was going to be key starting the minute I crossed the finish line, if I wanted to have an enjoyable experience in Chicago at the age group ITU race.

Immediately after finishing Syracuse I started rehydrating -water, Osmo, Chocolate Milk.  I refueled a bit with some post race food offerings before heading for a cold dip in the lake, sans wetsuit.  The cold water felt great and refreshing for the entire body.  Once changed and transition area packed up it was time to hit the road for the 6+ hour drive back to DC.  I knew this would be the toughest obstacle in recovering well.  Before getting in the car I was feeling pretty good and I knew 6 hours of sitting was not ideal, but here's
what I did for the car ride and the week leading up to Chicago in order recover, return to IM training and  set a new Olympic Distance PR just one week after Syracuse 70.3.

1.  Take multiple walk/stretch breaks during the drive.  We stopped at least 4 times and got out of the car and walked a bit each time.  Not ideal for a fast and efficient return trip but more importantly helped my muscles stay somewhat loose and active.

2.  Focus on Nutrition and Hydration.  I immediately started focusing on this once I crossed the finish line at Syracuse. Rehydrate and refuel were key priorities.  During the drive home we stopped for a great dinner and loaded up on some protein and veggies/sweet potatoes.  I also take an Omega 3 Klean Athete supplement daily and made sure to not miss one during this key recovery phase.

3.  Rest.  9-10 hours of sleep every night between the 2 races.  Sleep is the time when your body rebuilds and repairs.  This is actually when you become stronger!  I also took a couple days extremely easy (active recovery swims and bikes before getting back to IM type distance work pre Chicago).

4.  ART/Massage.  The therapists at Rose Physical Therapy Group are trained in ART (Active Release Technique) and it saved my hips.  After the return trip home my hips were pretty tight - I was foam rolling stretching, rolling on a lacrosse ball daily, but I really turned the corner after an ART session at RosePT.

5.  Normatec PRO - Daily, and sometimes more than once per day I zipped up the Normatec Boots and settled in for a good little recovery session.  Since it is a completely passive process I was able to read, reply to emails, blog, eat, etc while in the boots.  The boots use graded pulse technology to help increase blood and lymphatic flow to help speed the recovery process.  I feel great after a session in the boots and I know they've helped me stay on track during my Ironman training and racing.  If your're interested in trying the Normatec Boots Rose Physical Therapy Group has a pair available.  Follow the instructions listed below to set up a time to come in and use them!

To sign up for a Normatec Session at RosePT follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “NormaTec Recovery Session”
  3. Select the 30 min time slot that works for you.
  4. Fill out the basic contact information. For the secret code, enter, “rosept”
  5. Click on proceed to payment, and enter the appropriate credit card information. Please keep in mind that while you are paying $20 upfront, you will receive a $5 refund should you choose to post on social media during your appointment
  6. Click Pay. Your appointment is now set, and you should receive an email confirmation of your appointment time.
As always to set up a 1 on 1 hour appointment with a licensed physical therapist at RosePT email


  1. That's nice. It's great that you've got a lot of resources at your disposal to deal with your ailments. We shouldn't really close our minds to the different mechanisms of therapy available for us. Anyway, I hope everything is going smoothly with your recovery. Take care always!

    Gregg Mulherin @ The Healing Station

  2. Def want to try Normatec one of these days! You should add this post to our IronwomanWednesday link-up! Yesterday's topic was recovery, so perfect match!