Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Step Closer...

As I pushed through another testing week on my training schedule, I also had some time to reflect and think, which can be a dangerous combination.  I've been reminded, a few times, to never take a single breath for granted - both in sport and in life.  I have a love-hate relationship with testing week.  Love it because I get to see concrete improvements and it's a bit of a 'rest' week.  Hate it - because if you're doing it right, it hurts!  Case in point, the below pictures of my FTP bike test from this past week.  Even while I'm pushing through the most painful times of that 20 minute test, I try to remind myself that I chose to do this, I am grateful for the opportunity, and thankful for a healthy body that allows me to perform, adapt, and improve.

#1 Pre FTP Test - Warm Up
#2 Post 3-Min FTP Test
#3 Post 20 Min FTP Test - More Watts!
I won't settle for the path of least resistance, maybe a character attribute or a character flaw.  It's probably both depending on the situation.  Definitely an attribute when it comes to more watts, faster paces, and improved performance.  Perhaps a flaw in other scenarios.  I want to take chances that are worth taking this year, make mistakes that are worth making and see what happens, give faith a fighting chance.  They say when one door closes, another opens.  What if one doesn't have to close and you can open another all the while still doing what you love and building upon your passions.

Over the course of 2015 I'm going to keep crushing dreams and dreaming big with Snapple Tri Team, getting patients at RosePT back on the road, in the saddle, in the pool, and work diligently towards making this life all that I want it to be.  If you're a regular blog follower you might see some changes coming down the line and a new tab across the top coming your way.  Just as our athletic potential is a constantly moving target so are our life goals, ambitions, and potentials.

Snow covered sidewalks by the time I
 made it home from run test!

I'll keep doing my best to show the world the warmth of my smile - even if it means running in the biggest snow storm of the year for a threshold run test.  I think the combination of pushing the limits physically this week and reading some wise words (thanks @ChitoandKgo) recently has motivated me to start building a foundation and plan to tackle another dream.  I used to have a hand made sign (by yours truly) hanging over my bedroom door that read 'Dream Big' while growing up.  Sure the dreams then were of soccer championships, Olympic medals, and World Cups.  Just because those dreams have changed, just as I've changed, doesn't mean I should ever stop dreaming big.  Working up the courage and laying down plans to be one step closer...

For when you dream, dream big, as big as the ocean, blue.  Cause when you dream, it might come true, for when you dream, dream big.

Best custom stem-cap ever!