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Syracuse 70.3 Race Report

I had decided pretty early on that I wanted to put Syracuse 70.3 on my race schedule...again.  I had done this race back in 2014 as prep for IMLP.  It was a fine race but I was left knowing that I needed
to come back to the course at some point, ready to give it everything I had.  This year I was actually able to convince Adam to race with me, which helped make for a fun weekend all around.

After a short day of work on Friday we were Syracuse bound by mid morning.  We arrived with enough time to head to packet pickup and visit with friends at the race site before checking in to our Air BnB in the quaint town of Tully, NY.  I'm so glad we stayed in Tully instead of Syracuse.  We were a quick/straight drive from the race site, only a couple miles off the bike course and right across the street from 2 excellent restaurants.

Saturday is one of my favorite days pre-race, because it means big breakfast!  The few mornings per year that I *have* to eat pancakes..schucks.  We started our Saturday with a nice easy ride on a bit of the bike course and checked out one of the awesome descents that we would get to speed down the next day.  We saw some beautiful log homes, barns and lakes that reminded me of my roots and why I love "up north".  After our ride we quickly headed across the street for breakfast.  It was glorious and I think the waitress was slightly concerned about the amount of food 2 relatively small people just ordered and consumed.

The rest of Saturday was filled with bike racking, a short on course swim (thanks to some locals that live on the swim course), preparing nutrition and laying around trying to watch soccer and succumbing to my guilty pleasure of The Mindy Project.  With the predicted race day temps I made sure to snack on salty pretzels and hydrate with Osmo all day long.  We headed across the street for our 2nd dinner at Sweet Basil before calling it a night.

Race Morning
Rinster ready to fly.  Undefeated in AG bike splits :P
I was happy to have slept well and woke up to my alarm bright and early ready to slam some sauce for breakfast.  We were very lucky that our host was flexible on checkout time, so we didn't have to pack up everything pre-race.  We headed over to the race site and arrived with plenty of time for transition set up and all the usual pre-race routine.  While bike racking on Saturday I had noticed the
bike next to my was racked incorrectly, thankfully a kind volunteer noticed and flipped the bike.  On race morning the bike on the other side of me was racked correctly but she was setting up her transition area on the completely wrong side - basically where my stuff was supposed to go.  Unfortunately she wasn't actually there, all her stuff was everywhere but she was nowhere to be found.  Thankfully, again, a race official noticed something was off and came and straightened things out.  Not that these things are a huge deal, but it was definitely flustering me.

THE SWIM - 39:56 (36th AG)
Ready to go, feeling strong.
I've been putting in some good work in the pool and making some pretty big gains there. Unfortunately, we haven't really seen these gains translate to the open water yet.  I've got some ideas to really try to help myself here over the next couple of months.  I felt strong during this swim and I was able to hang on to some feet for most of this swim.  Hoping to take the good from it and build on everything else pre IM MT.

T1: 3:45
A quick stop at wetsuit strippers and quite a long run into T1 makes for a long transition here.  Once at my bike it was a quick stop for shoes and helmet before running out.

THE BIKE - 2:51:16 (1st AG)
After having raced here in 2014 I knew the bike course would be challenging, then they announced a new bike course.  There were rumors that the new course was more challenging but I wasn't going to make any judgements until seeing it myself.  Getting out onto the course you have a couple miles to get comfortable and let your HR settle before starting into some extended climbing for 10-11 miles.  My legs felt great, my HR was coming down nicely and before I knew it I was catching a lot of my competition within the first few minutes on the bike.  I had a few weekends of some nice hill climbing on my tri bike in May - including 92 miles in the hills of West Virginia with some awesome teammates.  My climbing legs were on and ready to rock on Sunday and I was quite happy.  I spun up every climb I could on the bike course never really having to come off the saddle.  I was happy to do a lot a passing on the bike course, specifically to the cheers of crazy spectators and never once got passed by another female on the bike course.  As we approached mile 45 I knew I'd be in for a treat with the descent that was soon coming.  I tucked in and pushed my cranks until I spun out, hoping that maybe I could break 50mph, alas I hit 47.6, one day perhaps I'll hit 50.  There was one more decent climb before heading back into transition.  I had hit my nutrition and hydration plan spot on as well as my bike execution plan.  Though the time was far from what I usually do on a 56 mile bike course, I had stuck to my plan and I was confident things were going well (turns out I had the fastest bike split of my AG and most ladies were 3+hours).  That was one tough bike course but I was ready to see what I could do on the run (PS it was a solid 91 degrees when I dismounted my bike).

T2 - 1:29
I came into T2 neck and neck with a fellow AGer (we'll call her alligator jersey).  Helmet off, socks and shoes on and a quick spray of sunscreen and then I was off.   I alligator jersey run out of T2 maybe 10-15 seconds ahead of me.  She came out on fire, getting into the applause of the crowd and taking off.

THE RUN - 1:51:30 (5th AG)
Coach Kim and I had talked a bit about this run.  We knew it was going to be hot, we knew it was a tough run course, coming off of a tough bike course, and we knew that there would likely be carnage on the course.  I watched alligator jersey open up the gap between us as I settled in, getting in my bottle of Osmo+Pre-Load and getting my legs under me.  The first mile or so of this course is awkward - grassing on the side of a hill awkward.  It kind of makes you feel like you're going to have the worst run of your life as you're running uphill on this weird angle in the beating sunlight.  As I ran through the first aid station I took every cup of ice and water I could get my hands on - in the mouth, over the head, down the jersey, down the shorts.  I knew if I could keep myself as cool as possible things would go better.  As I made it out to the road me legs felt much better running on the pavement and I was able to find some shade.  Running through the 2nd aid station was a repeat of the first, with a couple swigs of gatorade added in.  I knew it was after this aid station I'd have a bit of flat before the climb up to the turn around.  As I started the climb  felt strong I saw alligator jersey and a fellow AGer heading down.  Alligator jersey had opened up a sizeable gap and looked strong and the other AGer was far enough in front of her I was left with hope that I was at least in podium position and just wanted to hold onto where I was.  I stuck to the plan, I kept cool through aid stations and I took in my nutrition as planned.  Coming through the 1/2 point and starting my 2nd loop I was feeling good and had noticed that the gap was not any bigger, and maybe, slightly smaller at this point.
Tank empty, crash coming...
 Again through the 1st 2 aid stations staying cool and getting in hydration.  As I made my way to the turn around both alligator jersey and the other AGer were considerably closer to me.  As I made that turn around and headed past he 10 mile marker I knew it was time to put in work.  Time to drive the HR up and leave everything I had on that course.  Through mile 11 I was pushing but still in control and feeling good, I looked up ahead and there was the fellow age grouper who had started out pretty far ahead, she didn't look great, had been reduced to mostly a shuffle, and I quickly caught and passed her.  At this point I was pretty sure alligator jersey had passed her too and I as probably well ahead - then I look up as I start the last significant hill, and there she is mid - hill just past mile 12.   I put my head down, told myself this was good practice for IM MT and if that could be a Kona spot I need to go and get it.  I put in enough work to catch her on the downhill portion of the awkward slanted grassy section.  I sat on her heels for just long enough to pull myself together and get ready for a hard effort into the finish line about 1/2 mile away.  I pulled out from around her and never looked back, just putting everything I had into that last stretch.  I was so relieved to see the finish chute and finish line and not hear any foot steps or breaths behind me.  I raised my arms in celebration the best I could as I crossed under the arch before stumbling towards the cameraman and taking a rest on the hot black pavement.

5th, 4th, 2nd Place F 25-29

OVERALL FINISH: 5:27:56 (2nd AG, 9th OA)

This race was one to remember.  Though a far far cry from a PR time, this was a tough course and definitely not a PR type of course for someone who has done quite a few 70.3's.  For the first time I felt completely in control of pushing the pace towards the end of the race.  Usually I 'pick it up' and really just hold a steady pace or go slightly faster.  For the first time I used some tactics on the run course as I made those final 2 passes.  I saw competition in front of me, believed, and executed.  I know how frustrating it can be to be running, holding on to a certain place/slot/etc and get passed near the end when you just have nothing more to give.  This race was about being confident in the plan, being patient, managing the day/conditions and digging deeper than I thought was possible.  On a day that presented a course that doesn't suit my strengths, in conditions that are difficult for a big sweater, I was able to manage and execute well enough to finish hard and run myself from 4th to 2nd.  Bigger and better things are coming - 8/21/16.

Ultragrain FYP Kit by Coeur Sports

Thank you most of all goes out to Fuel Your Passion Coaching, I was well prepared and confident in our plan, Adam and my family.  Thank you to my newest sponsor, Ultragrain, for helping to incorporate healthy whole grains into my diet (#haveagrainday). Thank you to my sponsors DC Tri Club, Snapple Triathlon, Team, District Taco, Xterra Wetsuits, Rudy Project Helmets, Louis Garneau, Pierce Footwear by Seven Dynamics, and Rose Physical Therapy Group.  Thank you to all the DC Tri athletes racing and cheering at Syracuse, it was great to be pushed  by  friends on the course!  Looking forward to a big chunk of prep work coming up to set the stage for the rest of 2016.

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  1. Awesome girl! I love how you passed the two at the end! Woo Hoo! Love you and thank you for inspiring me!