Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get Away, to Where the Boat Leaves From

3 Semesters down, 4 to go! That's right I'm almost halfway done with grad school, I only have 2 semesters left in the grand classrooms of the GWU hospital. Our program so thoughtfully provided us with a 2.5 weeks break between the summer and fall semesters. I am taking the well deserved time off to spend time at home and summer time in northern Michigan! In less than 1 year I will begin my full time clinicals - this the question becomes where will I be? I change my mind on this everyday! Stay in DC, move back to Michigan or explore another part of the country, preferably the west - only time will tell.

My break so far has been great. I've gotten some good triathlon training in, hitting up Lake Orion for open water, biking, and running around the Loop. I was able to watch the GSU Women's Soccer Exhibition game on the internet. I can't believe I only played with 5 of the girls currently on the team and it's even harder to believe that 5 years ago I was playing my first year of college soccer. The next day I started cleaning my room and came across all my old cleats, summer training manuals, and posters. Thus I was motivated to go and do a summer workout from the book! It was great and really made me realize, I'd rather be playing soccer then going to school.

Over the past year it has been hard to continue to play soccer at much of a competitive level. I've resorted to playing on an adult co-ed team which has been a lot of fun. In order to get my competitiveness out I have begun training and competing in triathlons. I have competed in 3 sprint distance triathlons so far. My focus has now turned to September 12th and my first Olympic Distance Tri. It will be a new challenge, but one that I am excited to take on in preparation for a Half-Iron Man next year.

The summer semester in DC didn't feel like much of a summer at all. School all day everyday mixed with tri workouts in the AM and PM. I am so thankful for the awesome classmates I have that make every day a new and interesting experience up there on the 6th floor! I am also so grateful to have some of the best friends from Michigan ever! Last Wednesday right after I got back to town I was able to go out to Sagebrush to catch up with them and then last night enjoy a night out at the Zac Brown Band concert (w/ surprise guest Kid Rock)! It is finally beginning to feel like summer! The biggest challenge of being home has been balancing my training, since I have all day to train I have ended up doing multiple sessions/day and ending up very sore. My first attempt at wakeboarding the other day has not helped in the soreness.

I am enjoying summertime in Northern Michigan with my dad and Charlie Jo Dog, we are welcoming mom home on Saturday after the Woodward Dream Cruise! Heading up to the cabin at Lake Huron in East Tawas on Monday. I should be able to get some great training in up north. Spending the final weekend of the summer with Rory at home as well! Then the road trip back to DC to start the fall semester...what a summer break!

**When you finally lose yourself, that's when you'll find a new paradise**

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