Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sun and the Sand and A Drink in My Hand

Back in Lake Orion after a great few days in East Tawas at the cabin! I always forget that it is so much cooler in MI and even cooler in East Tawas! It was 57 degrees this morning, definitely not the type of weather I want to jump in the lake in. I waited for it to warm up to the mid-60s before even heading out for my run, and I am opting for a pool swim here shortly. While we were up north we were able to enjoy some great time at the beach (yes, Michigan has great beaches), in downtown East Tawas and at our cabin. We got a 1000 piece puzzle to do in the evenings and it was addicting. We had it finished in 2 days and it reminded me of all the time I spent doing puzzles during my last year at GSU with my roommate! I wish I had that kind of time to do puzzles during school still, now I get to do puzzles in the form of "Where's the Lesion?" or "Is it a Musculoskeletal, Antalgic, or Neurologic impairment?" We were able to try a new restaurant in East Tawas that served of some pretty darn good Mexican food! On our way home we stopped at A&W for the class rootbeer float for old times sake! They were absolutely delicious as they always have been.

During a run around Lake Orion on Monday morning I ran into Dan, a PT from HealthQuest. We chatted for 10 minutes and talked about his first clinical experiences and jobs. It's good to hear that there is hope even if some of your experiences are less than great. We have been receiving information from our clinical sites for the fall. While I am less than thrilled to be at a nursing home, I am grateful that if I only have to be in a nursing home 5 times during my entire career it will be worth it. Also we get to wear scrubs so it can't be that bad. The site has about 10 different extra processes we have to go through in order to be cleared to work with patients there. I've completed about 2 of them - they aren't exactly what I wanted to spend my vacation doing.

Charlie Jo and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our brother tomorrow! He'll be home with us for a couple days before we drive back to DC together on Sunday. We are planning on going to a high school football game, Lake Orion vs. Oxford, the first time the 2 teams have played in 27 years! I am getting eager to get back to DC and my comfortable bed and warmer weather. I noticed this morning it was pitch black at 6:15 am, which is the time I had been waking up to run and swim during school. It should be interesting heading back and seeing how I can schedule my workouts during my day. And now seems like a perfect time to hit the pool!
Cool treat from the A&W on the way home from up north! Bringing back the old times!
East Tawas night time entertainment - 1000 pieces of pure coke.
Charlie and I at the easement by the cabin.
Tawas Point State Park Beach!

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