Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Individual Behavior Change

The off-season is upon us and what better time to write out some goals for the upcoming 2012 training and racing year!  I have completed 2 of 3 clinical internships for Physical Therapy School and am now back in class. We were recently given an assignment in our Health Promotion and Wellness Class on Individual Behavior Change.  I think it's pretty awesome that I can turn my passion and goals for triathlon into a school assignment and get a grade for it.  I began working on my annual training plan for 2012 last weekend and decided to make the completion of the ATP my Target Behavior for the assignment.  I plan on posting more details on creating your own ATP and the steps I went through when I am closer to completion as well as all my goals, objectives, and strategies for 2012 but for now I'll get you started with my Individual Behavior Change assignment.  A look into the life of a 3rd year PT Student ;)

Target Behavior:  I will create/design and complete my 2012 annual training plan by December, 12 2011 appropriate for completing IRONMAN Louisville, 2 HIM, and multiple short course races during the 2012 season.

I will attend 2 forums/discussions pertaining to race planning and Iron distance events with DC Tri Club         members before December 1.
I will calculate annual hours, weekly hours, along with peak and recovery weeks throughout the course of the 2012 season to maximize my ability to perform my best at “A” races before December 12.
I will begin to incorporate swimming, cycling, and running skills and techniques throughout my off-season 3x/wk to allow me to incorporate them into the ATP.
I will be open to change and flexible allowing my body to appropriately recover from any setbacks I may face throughout the 2012 season.

Theory:  I am currently in the action phase of the transtheoretical model of change of this behavior change.  This past year, 2011, was my second season as a triathlete.  The season went well and I even surprised myself and others with a few of my results (all results here).  I had a training plan, in my mind, and goals to work towards throughout the season involving specific distances and times.  I recorded all workouts through the year in my excel spreadsheet and was able to track progress, setbacks, etc.  I do realize though that I never set up an annual training plan for the year and that I may have been able to perform even better had I thought out a plan that incorporated proper rest/recovery and peak weeks.  As the season has come to an end and I am enjoying some off season workouts and relaxation it is time to set up an Annual Training Plan for 2012.  An annual training plan will be imperative for the 2012 season as it will be my first year competing in an IRONMAN event.  I have already begun estimating annual training hours, breaking down my training cycles, and incorporating skill/technique training throughout the off-season.  On 11/10/11 I will attend my first race planning discussion with DC Tri Club.

Strategies to achieve goal:
Sit and talk with people who have completed an IRONMAN – be a sponge
Use resources such as The Triathletes Training Bible and Going Long to help break down annual hours, weekly hours, and when and where to include peak weeks/recovery weeks.
Become familiar and comfortable with technique skills/drills in all 3 sports during the off-season.
Attend clinics, seminars, discussions regarding race planning, skills, IRONMAN preparation, etc.
Spend at least 30 min 5days/week working on ATP.
Use the “off-season” as the off season so when the ATP kicks in I am ready to go.

Finish Line of IM LOUISVILE


  1. That is awesome!!! I wish I was into triathlons while I was into college. I would have some easy reports that I could have done.

    Gordo Byrn (Going Long) spent years working under Joe Friel, so when reading those 2 books, you will see alot of similar styles, Gordos biggest difference is that he is all about the bike.

    Also, if you having trouble writing out your schedule, I highly suggest reading, "Your Best Triathlon" by Joe Friel, its a continuation of the Training Bible and it has a 26 week training schedule for all 4 distances, all spelled out on what he wants you to exactly do

  2. Was trying to figure out how to answer question 3....thanks for the help lol :)

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