Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PTS Cartersville Duathlon Race Recap

After a long but easy drive home Saturday afternoon I began preparations for my 2nd multisport race of the season - the Cartersville Duathlon on Sunday morning.  This race was put on my PTS Sports part of the PT Solutions family (where I just completed my final internship for PT school).  I was excited for the race and excited to put in another race day effort on the bike and run to get even more prepared for Coll Nat Championships on 4/21.  All my coworkers were on the course directing traffic and athletes as well as working the various tents around transition.

I already had my packet for this race thanks to the midweek pick up opportunity.  I ate a quick breakfast of champions - Special K Red Berries with banana and almond milk, loaded up my bike into the back of my car, and set out to Cartersville.  I had only been to the park once previously so I had a bit of trouble following my directions but luckily some fellow racers/patients flew by me as I pulled off to look at the map and I just followed them the rest of the way.  I arrived around 6:15 for a 7:30 am start/7:15 transition closing.  I had plenty of time to set up transition, get my timing chip, warm up, and visit with some friends that were also racing.  Mostly I met these friends because they were patients of mine at one point during the internship - yeah I had an awesome internship.  Some of my fellow PTS group workout buddies were there gearing up for their first race ever and first race of the season!

RUN 1 - 5k - 23:38
I started out a bit too fast, I hit the first mile at 7:03.  I would have like to keep a 7:20-7:25 pace the entire way but no such luck.  Just around mile one my legs started feeling a bit tired and lethargic from Saturday's activities.  I repeated some of my mantra's in my head to get myself through miles 2 and 3.

T1 - 0:57
Not a bad transition at all. Simple to go from running to biking - now to translate this from swim to bike.  Should be able to have quick transitions as long as I'm not removing my wetsuit.  I'm torn about wearing a wetsuit for collegiate championships this weekend basically for the transition time.  Friday's practice swim should help me decide.

BIKE - 17 miles - 49:53 (20.5mph)
A bit slower than I am capable of.  My legs felt great as I started out on the bike though.  I moved the extra magnet on the race wheels up to the front wheel and had my bike computer for this ride.  I passed people for the majority of the ride while getting passed by a few men (men what in the world you started the race 3 minutes before the women).  I didn't get passed by any women on the ride and caught quite a few.  I was in hot pursuit of another 25 year old but never caught her on the bike.  She had passed me on the run which put her ahead by 45 seconds followed by the same bike time - well done - it pushed me to bike hard the entire way.  I must say 17 miles went by way to quickly.  I'm used to hours on the bike - 49 minutes is child's play now.  I'm eager and ready to get back to some outdoor interval training at Hains Point with DC Tri Club.  With the focus on the longer rides my speed has dropped a bit.  I know it's still early in the season and I am well past where I was at this time last year.

T2 - 0:46
A well executed T2.  Must transfer this to triathlon.  Same transition bike-run.  No reason not to be able to duplicate a speedy transition time during T2 on Saturday.

RUN 2 - 5k - 25:18
Not so proud of this one.  Would have liked to see this actually be faster than the first.  My legs were tired. I took a gel about 1/2 way through the run for an extra little boost.  I felt as though I was heel striking and my form was breaking down.  I was in hot pursuit of women on the run but only caught up to men. I need to get back to the basics, focus on form, and feel the run.  I was very excited to see the finish line.

FINISH: 1:40:31 (2nd AG 25-29)
Welcome to a new age group, a more competitive age group in terms of ability and # of racers.  Nice to place in just my 2nd multisport race in this age group.

Hung out with some awesome people and recoverd with great food from Henry's Louisiana Grill and Muscle Milk.  So nice to see a bunch of familiar faces before, during, and after the race.  I must say PTS puts on an extremely well run race.  If I were staying in Georgia I would sign up for their tri's and/or I come back to GA I will definitely race with them.  From packet pick up to race break down everything was extremely organized and efficient.  A huge thanks to PT Solutions and PTS Sports for allowing me the opportunity to race and cap off a great internship!

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  1. 2nd place is great! And I think you did great for racing the day before. My legs would have been dead.