Friday, April 13, 2012

Race Ready...Or Not

Friday the 13th is a big day.  I will walk out of my 3rd and final full time internship of PT school and shortly after hit the road to kick off my multisport season.  Saturday I will race at Belews Lake International Triathlon outside of Greensboro, NC and Sunday I will be back in GA for the PT Solutions Cartersville Duathlon.  Am I ready?

Mentally:  I am ready to race.  I've logged the miles, I've hit the track, the hills, the long rides, the lactate threshold workouts, pool swims, group rides, etc.  I will race myself into better fitness for the next 2 weeks and see where I can end up at USAT Collegiate National Championships.

Physically:  My bike is ready, my swim is as ready as it could be without training in open water or with a master's group.  I've logged 99.9% of my swim miles by myself so far this year.  I will join back up with the DC Tri Master's Swim program in just a couple weeks.  My swimming will get even better.  My Saturday race will be wetsuit legal with a time trial start.  The time trial start should help as long as people posted accurate times, but I'm started to think maybe they didn't.  I'm still nervous about the run but I will trust in the plan and learn from this first weekend of racing.

Everything Else:  The bike is ready to go.  It looks hot.  Really there's no other way to describe it.  Lee, from PTS Sports was an absolute gem with helping me get it race ready.  If I had the money I would hire him as a personal mechanic.  My wetsuit is in good condition.  I'm excited to try out the racing helmet and the Yankz are in the shoes.  

I am starting out the season with a double.  I'm probably crazy, but it's going to be an absolute blast and a great way to celebrate the end of student life.

Are you gearing up for any races this weekend or next?


  1. Good luck this weekend! I can't believe you are doing two races.

    And you are right ... your bike is sexy!

  2. Good Luck Holli!!! Though you don't really need it. You are prepped, amped, and ready!!!

  3. Right on sister, and an awesome way to celebrate the ending of internship and the beginning of a new chapter! Love you so much! HUGS