Friday, May 11, 2012

70.3 Time...Limitless

Tomorrow marks the first long distance test of the season.   The Kinetic 1/2 Iron Distance race in Lake Anna, VA.  Up to this point this year I've done 2 Oly tri's and a duathlon but my training has been focused on the longer distances.  It's a bit surreal that I am racing a 70.3 tomorrow.  Just 6.5 months ago I raced my first 70.3 and it was a big deal.  I am more prepared for tomorrow's race than I was 6.5 months ago and my result in September was respectable.

Tomorrow is a high intensity and long training day for Ironman Louisville.  I have a race plan written out just as I will for Louisville - beginning with Thursday evenings preparations up until post-race recovery plans.  I've written out my nutrition plan, I've practiced my nutrition plan last weekend on the course.  I will execute the nutrition plan and not skip because I don't think I need anymore.

I will ride my Easton on the front wheel and a ZIPP 404 on the rear wheel.  This week I've learned that 650c tubes with 80mm presta valves are a rare find in this city.  After this race I'll swap the rear ZIPP out and have my race wheels looked over at the bike shop.  Maybe put some work into them and get them into tip top speedy mcspeedster shape.

Race bantar and smack talk started early Wednesday morning between me and this guy.  I just thought he should be prepared to get chicked.  We're both on our 2nd 1/2 Iron and preparing for fulls this August.  We'll see what we can do out there tomorrow.  He's had some great results already this season.

An awesome race on Saturday will be followed by an awesome recovery day on Sunday with the chance to meet this gal...Chrissie Wellington!  DC Tri club was able to bring Chrissie into the DC area on Sunday after her visit in MD on Saturday.  When I first heard she was going to be in MD on Saturday I was a bit disappointed - I knew I would be racing all day in VA along with a good # of other DC Tri Clubbers and unable to make it to MD in time.  I'm a bit into the book so far and her story is nothing short of amazing.  She's passionate, she love's what she does, and she's human.  She's gone through trials and battles just like all of us and kept fighting.

This weekend is also the USAT and ITU race in San Diego.  40+ DC Tri Clubbers are out representing the club in San Diego thanks to a great bike shipping deal from USAT.  Not only do they get to race in San Diego, they get to watch the Men's and Women's professional races and see who will round out TEAM USA in London this summer.  Best of luck to everyone in their races this weekend - push the limit and break some barriers!


  1. Good Luck tomorrow! Look forward to meeting you :)

  2. You go girl, good luck tomorrow! Love ya!