Sunday, May 6, 2012

Learning to Hurt

"Remember the training is about learning to hurt." - Chrissie Wellington

This weekend was spent at Lake Anna State Park as part of a long training weekend with friends and training partners from DC Triathlon Club. Sunday included the great High Cloud Peasantman pressure-free triathlon for newbies and veteran's getting in an early season race.

Saturday morning came early as I set out on the road for Lake Anna at 5:30am for wheels down at 8:00.  Friday night included me blowing the valve on my front tire so I was going to be riding a ZIPP 404 rear and my Easton in the front.  With my recent doubts about my ZIPPS I didn't really care that I didn't have both ZIPPS on my bike.  I set out for 3 loops (75-80miles) on the Kinetic 1/2 bike course.  The group stayed together for the first 10 or so miles and then things began to thin out.  I have a HR monitor but have not been utilizing it as much as most athletes.  I've used it mostly as a training device during indoor trainer sessions on the bike to really monitor my effort levels.  That being said I've been training by feel/RPE.  Every 25-30 minutes during my bike I checked in with myself - 'how do I feel? Where's my head, how am I doing mentally?  Do I need to change anything?  Is my nutrition on par?'  This ride was a great opportunity for me to practice some nutrition strategies - I know my nutrition could have been loads better at Augusta 70.3.  I did great checking in with myself and keeping my nutrition on track.  I ended up riding 80.38 miles in 3:54:23 for an average speed of 20.6 miles per hour.  The course was gorgeous and fast.  I benefited from riding the first 56 miles with awesome company and set out on the final 24 solo.  Throughout the events of the last year riding has become a mental escape and relaxing zone for me.  I think, I remember, I hurt, I push the limits.  It's not all glitz and greatness on the bike - it's memories, it's flashbacks, at time it's fear, but it's fuel to the fire.  The bike felt great with only one ZIPP, though it didn't look as cool. Cool points were totally made up by the helmet.  This was by far the best training ride I've had this year and felt as though with a couple water bottle hand-offs and some more nutrition on board I could have pulled out another loop of the course.  Thank you, Adam, for your water before you headed in from your ride - it got me through the 3rd loop.

"Sporting success rests, in part, with having the mental fortitude necessary to overcome our fears, pain and discomfort."  - Chrissie Wellington

I quickly changed my shoes and grabbed a hat after my bike to head out on a brick run.  Peer pressure offered me a running partner and she was awesome.  We rocked 34 minutes at a steady pace out and back on the main road out of the state park.  The hardest part of brick runs for me is the lack of water.  I don't carry a fuel belt or handheld water - but it may be time to start.  Especially now that I have a Fuel Belt bottle thanks to USAT Collegiates but no Fuel Belt.  Creative marketing strategy, I applaud you Fuel Belt.  My legs felt great on the run.  The Kinetic 1/2 run course is a 3 loop course with a wonderful uphill section at the beginning of each loop.  The uphill killed me last year at the Kinetic Sprint - partly because I wasn't expecting it.  It was a great boost knowing I could get up the hill at a steady pace and carry on.

"If we let our head drop, our heart drops with it. Keep your head up, and your body is capable of amazing feats." - Chrissie Wellington

Immediately after the run we took off our shoes grabbed some H20 and headed to the lake.  The cool water was delightfully refreshing and perfect.  After a few minutes of play, attempted back flips and looking for lost sunglasses I headed out to catch up with some friends.  The peer pressure turned on me as I was told to go and get my swim cap and goggles from my car because it was time to swim.  It didn't take much pressure  to talk me into the 500m swim.  I had refueled with low-fat Chocolate Milk (MyAfter) and and Kashi Bar during my cool off time in the lake and my energy levels were feeling great.  The swim forced me to sight well - which I need to practice - since we used brown pillars as our course that blended perfectly with the backdrop of forest.

"Don't ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The afternoon finished up with a nice barbecue and some prep for the High Cloud Peasantman Triathlon before the rain really hit.  We had reserved a camp site and set up tents but I whimped out and took up some friends on their offer to stay at a lake house to rest up before a long Sunday.  Giving back to sport is something I have always enjoyed.  On Sunday the High Cloud Peasantman Triathlon took place at Lake Anna State Park.  A bunch of us volunteered while some raced and cheered on the athletes getting in an early season race.  No better way to end a great training weekend than witnessing others experiencing the joy of sport.

"I won the race...on grit, willpower, determination and mental strength".

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