Monday, February 3, 2014

Crazy Dreams...

Literally...crazy dreams!  Today, February 3rd, marked the start of my training for IMLP and all the races that come along with it.  December and January were fun training and vacation months.  No goals/marks to hit - just enjoying what I was doing and taking time off when I wanted.  Apparently the low key training and fun didn't take my mind off the fact that I have a 140.6 mile race in July.  During the month of January I had 2 Ironman based dreams...and definitely not normal dreams.


In early January I had a fantastic dream of being in Lake Placid with my IM support crew.  We were race prepping and getting everything together the day before the race.  I was focused and ready to go as I headed to bed the night before IMLP.  Upon waking I did my usual routine and started to head to transition with Adam and my brother.  As we were walking to transition I kept having the thought that we were forgetting something...then it hit me.  I TOTALLY FORGOT MY BIKE!!! Oh my gosh, it wasn't even in the state of New York.  Mr. was sitting peacefully back home in DC and I was about to do an Ironman! How would I ever do an Ironman without my bike.  I was a wreck, though I still headed to the swim start area as Adam and my brother assured me they would find a bike for me to use.  That's were this dream ends...did they get a bike...was there a P3 waiting in transition for me...I'll never know.  I was so very thankful this was a dream.  Please do not let me forget my bike.


A couple weeks after Dream 1 I had another crazy IM dream.  The race had been going great and I was running well and on pace to break 4 hours during my IM marathon.  I was headed down the out and back on my 2nd loop of the and slowly catching a girl from my age group that had been ahead of me.  When I got to the turn around point there was a Spooky Fun House and Clowns!!!!!!  The volunteers and race directors said you had to go through the Fun House or you'd be disqualified!  What in the world, this was NOT here
on my first loop!   I was WAY scared and couldn't fathom going through this thing, there were a few other athletes having the same thought arguing with the race director.  As I watched the time on the clock tick by and realized my sub 4-hour marathon was not going to happen and my place in my age group started dropping as other people had no trouble making the turn around.  I'm not sure if I ever went in or if I even finished the PLEASE no clowns or Fun Houses on the course.