Friday, December 5, 2014

Double the Fun in 2015

2014 was a better year than I ever would have expected.  I started working with a coach, I raced/trained with the DC Tri/Snapple Elite team, started working at a new clinic (Rose Physical Therapy Group), raced my 2nd Ironman, qualified for 70.3 World Championships and…set a new PR in every distance I raced.  The start to 2014 wasn’t really all that glamorous and had its fair share of tears, frustration and 2nd thoughts.  All in all 2014 was a great year and you can read all the race reports here.  How could I have even more fun lined up in 2015 you ask?

To start MR. is getting a bit of a makeover.  A new cockpit and a new crank – Quarq Power Meter – will be ready to go when I’m ready to kick off my 2015 training.  I’ve gone back and forth on the decision to put money in to MR. or sell the bike and put all the money into a new bike.  I love this bike and right now the biggest improvements will come from improving the engine not the machine.  MR. and I are together for another year!

The 2015 race schedule will look a bit different than previous years.  Much less racing, more focus on A races, and minimal short course racing.  Racing is fun and I think a couple of years ago it was good for me to go out and race (almost every weekend) just having fun and landing a spot on the podium at local races.  I currently don’t have a single local race on my schedule for 2015.  2015 will be my first double Ironman year.  I’ll race my first foreign race at the 70.3 World Championships in Zell Am See, Austria.  It will also mark a complete year working with my coach – which means she’s seeing me through my off season and the beginning of my 2015 training (unlike last year where I got some crazy rides/runs out of my system in January before beginning with her). 

The 2015 races involve flying…with my bike!  I’ve flown to triathlons before, but I’ve always lucked out in that MR. has been privileged enough to get a ride in one piece.  I’ll be getting a bike case, learning some more about MR. and practicing packing him up and getting him back together – race ready part.  I know this is doable, as I have many friends who have done this successfully, multiple times, but it still makes me nervous.

Zell Am See 
In 2015 I’ll be racing on the Snapple/DC Tri Elite team (yes, I did this in 2014)…alongside Adam!  I’m pretty excited about some training weekends, race weekends and team events in 2015.  This will also be the first year where I won't be transitioning from school to work or old job to new job.  I'm looking forward to some consistency (even if it means I won't have a random couple weeks off during peak training).

2015 will be the first year that I start a training cycle after taking a couple complete weeks off of training.  I honestly don’t know the last time I had  ‘real’ off-season.  In college I always used the off-season to improve my fitness.  Past years in triathlon I’ve gotten caught up in the USAT National Club Challenge competition and in 2012 probably logged some of my biggest months in the ‘off-season’.  I’m all for off-season fun but some people take that thing way to seriously – it doesn’t do any good to be a January champion.

For now, I’ll keep enjoying my time off and working on some non-triathlon related projects.  Here’s a peak at what the 2015 race schedule is lining up to look like.

4/18/15 – TryCharleston ½ Iron Race
7/19/15 – New Jersey State Triathlon (Regional Club Championships)
8/30/15 – 70.3 IM World Championships – Zell Am See, Austria