It's been a while...well 3 years since I've really looked at this.  I'm glad this was here, for me to look back on and reflect a little. It's crazy to think how far I've actually come since setting these initial goals for the 2011 season. Goals for the 2015 season will be posted soon!  For now you can read my 2014 race reports to see just how far I've come.

A few readers, friends, and family have inquired about the "ultimate goal".  Triathlon started out as an adventure, turned into a good workout and has now become a passion.  Over the past year or so my goals have evolved along with my passion, drive, dedication and fitness.  Here is a peak into my goals (there are more but those will be shared in due time).

Goals for 2011

  • Improve open water swim time - swim Rockett's under 32:00, swim Nation's under 31:00 (Achieved)
  • Hit 20mph average for bike at Nation's (faster if on a Tri bike) (Achieved)
  • Finish Augusta 70.3 in top 25% of age group (Achieved)
  • Always train with a purpose
  • Continue to push myself to perform better in each and every race I compete in.
Longer Term Goals
  • Hear the "4 words" before Age 26.  Yes, that's Holli Finneren You are an Ironman. (Achieved 8/26/12 Ironman Louisville)
  • Gear my PT practice towards endurance/tri athletes. (Achieved - RosePT May 2014)
  • Qualify for and race on the Big Island - Kona Ironman World Championships (this may be year's away) (Achieved 10/1/16, 10/14/17 and 10/1/18, 10/12/19)


  1. You need to update your goals. Remember the abcd-t format!

    1. Thanks Mellie! I hadn't looked at this page since 2011...it kinda blew my mind to see it now!

  2. Girl - update your last longer term goal! You did the hard part - qualifying for the big dance!