Sunday, September 10, 2017

#R2K: 5 Weeks Out

We're just under 5 weeks out from race day on the big island.  There have been some big training
days, yet as I write this I'm sitting here staring down the barrel of overload.  I'm cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and trying to get as much as I can situated so I can use any free time during the next 2 weeks to sleep (in the boots).  My body feels strong and healthy, ready for what is coming our way.

Many have asked if I'm ready for the big dance?  In short, the answer is no.  Sure, I could toe an Ironman start line and finish (probably decently well) but I need these overload weeks.  For the fitness, for the confidence, for the chance to push myself, to break barriers, to have quality time with
training partners that inspire me, to learn.  I am confident in the plan and in the process.  I will come out on the other side with a more confident answer to that question.  To steal a line from Jesse Thomas - No expectation, doesn't mean low expectation.

I've started executing a sauna protocol, I've fine-tuned my nutrition, and I've been doing the little things to take care of my body - weekly PT, daily rolling/stretching, core work, taking time out to relax in the boots, and sleep (lots of sleep).  I spent a good amount of time researching and talking to
others who have executed the sauna protocol - there really was no good evidence against it, so I carved out the time to make it happen.  We were blessed with a hot and humid DC summer, that abruptly turned to fall right around Labor Day weekend.  I don't want to complain, but last I checked Kona isn't the most brisk of places - so into the sauna I go.

Keeping the body balanced

I've been fine-tuning my nutrition with the help of Inside-Tracker and Osmo Nutrition and Base Salt.  I was lucky enough to win a free analysis from InsideTracker at Maine 70.3.  Thankfully there wasn't anything super alarming or surprising but little tweaks and suggestions to definitely get some numbers into the optimal range to really get the most out of my body.  Osmo has been in my bottles for the past 3 years and is part of a solid hydration plan that hasn't failed me yet.  I'm complementing my hydration with Base Salt on the both the bike and the run to help prepare for the high sweat rate we're likely to see in the conditions on the island.

I'm excited, I'm nervous and most of all I'm thrilled to have this opportunity.  I can't wait to see what my body can do over the next couple weeks in prep for the big day.  And of course I can't wait to put it all out there when I get to toe the line on October 14th with the best in the world.  Keep your eyes on the blog - as I plan to do a series of race reports this week.
The BIG Cheese for the beginning of Overload!