Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Patience and Time

Time off = time with CJ!
In some ways it feels like I just raced IM Texas, in other ways it feel like it's been an eternity.  After stepping back from green boxes for a couple weeks (and actually letting some turn red!) I got back on the train and having been ramping back up to IM type training numbers.  It's been about 8 weeks since race day and patience and time have been my two greatest allies and enemies throughout these 8 weeks.

Once I started back to training I was mentally ready to go, I knew what I wanted out of this next bout of training.  My mind was ready, eager, and determined my body on the other hand still needed time.  Texas was hot (90+ degress) humid (>85%) and a hard effort for me.  When I got back to training I wanted to see the same numbers I was hitting pre-Texas.  The questions and emails were rolling in to my coach - who stole my watts?  what happened to my run pace?  can I have more volume?  My patience was being tested and at times I wanted nothing more than to go out and crush a run.  I held back, patiently waiting for my first opportunity to go hard - testing week 4 weeks post race.

FTP test coming at ya!
Testing week - I was there four weeks ago and I'm back there now.  A week of lower volume with a high intensity test workout in each of the 3 disciplines. Four weeks ago my body hadn't had enough time to recover and perform the way I wanted it to.  The run test resulted in a full blown asthma attack.  The bike test went ok, head down watts out, and I was able to bring the watts up a bit compared to my last test.  The swim test continued to be a struggle, with similar results as I've had the past few tests.   I've used the time since the last test to refocus on technique and efficiency in the pool.

I've been patient over the last 4 weeks - my run pace is headed in the right direction, I've knocked out some awesome 100+ mile rides, and I've been working smart (and hard) in the pool with the help of some friends.  I'm staring down the barrel of full blown IM training after this test week and thanks to patience and time my mind is ready, my body is ready and my heart is ready.  I'm dialed in for IM Chattanooga.

"Have patience with all things, but first of all, with yourself." - Saint Francis De Sales