Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost in the Moment

Have you taken notice to you mind set when you have your best performances?  When I was playing soccer I took notice to my best performances when I was "in the zone" and what strategies I could use to help get me "in the zone" faster or stay "in the zone" for a full 90 minutes.  I have come to notice that my best running, cycling and swimming performances also occur when I am "in the zone".  "The zone" to me occurs when I am lost in the moment - not thinking about how far I've gone, how far I've yet to go or what I am going to do after my workout or race.

Getting into "the zone" is not always the easiest thing but allowing my mind to be lost in the moment really helps me get there.  When swimming I sometimes become so lost in the moment I get stuck perpetually swimming laps 15 and 16 over and over again because I keep losing count.  The sooner I get lost in the moment and my surroundings while running the better run I will have and usually stay at a constant pace.  My best bike rides have been when I've been with a partner and stopped thinking about how far I have to go or how long it's going to take.  It's the journey not the destination that matters!

How do you let yourself get lost in the moment while training?

Triathlon season officially starts on Sunday!  I kick off the season with the Kinetic Sprint Tri in Spotsylvania, VA!  I am going to push it and see where I can start the season off and look to build on my performance throughout the season.  This will be the first time I have to wake up early and drive to the race site.  I was blessed with hotel rooms and a local race last year allowing me to get a good night's sleep.  The race has a liberal start time of 9am so luckily I won't be up too too early!  I have a new wetsuit and tri shorts/top for the race that I am pretty excited about.  Reports have said the water temperature should be in the mid-60's.  I hope that doesn't feel freezing!

Have you swam in 60 degree water?  How did it go?

I have trained, I have rested, I have tapered.  I am prepared.  All I can give is all I have and ask for the strength and endurance to handle anything that comes my way on race day!

Will you be at the Kinetic Sprint Tri or did you kick off Tri season elsewhere (or planning to kick it off elsewhere)?

Culpeper Sprint 2010 VTS

Good luck this weekend to everyone racing and training!  Get lost in the moment!

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